Abdelrahman Ibrahim

Mr. Abdelrahman was born on Dec. 27, 1970 in a village called Etsa, which is part of Samalut, Menia, Egypt, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Education of Menia University in 1993. From 1994 to 1998, he taught at private schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for four years, spent six weeks of training at Georgia State University, and spent two months at the English Language Institute of the University of Delaware. For the past 12 years, Mr. Abdelrahman has taught English at Samalout New Secondary School for Girls. Also, he is a trainer and supervisor of other English teachers. He has attended several conferences and workshops both as a trainer and as a trainee. Mr. Abdelrahman loves teaching English and is married with 6 children. He was hosted by Cholla High Magnet School (1,750 students and 120 teachers) in Tucson, Arizona (pop. 750,000). Mr. Abdelrahman is the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leader for the Egypt 2012-2013 group.
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