Wu Huaqiong

Wu Huaqiong is from Duyun City, China and received her bachelor’s degree in English from Guizhou Normal University in 2001. She has been an English teacher and a head teacher at Duyun No.10 Middle School since 2013. She is Miao and enjoys Miao dance, Tai chi, paper cutting, and other traditional Chinese arts. During her year in the U.S., she looked forward to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and sharing one of the three Chinese traditional cultural holidays--Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival-- with her students. Ms.Wu taught her students about the colorful Miao culture. Her primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to teach her students to learn and speak Chinese and help her students experience the charm of Chinese culture so that they can understand and love China. She also seized this opportunity to learn advanced educational teaching concepts and methods and use her knowledge to develop and improve the teaching level when she returned to her home school. She was hosted by LaSalle Language Academy in Chicago, IL.
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