Chen Yu

Chen Yu is from Chongqing, China and received her bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and Learning from the School of Foreign Languages of Southwest Normal University. She received a course-completion certificate in TESOL Methodology from Reading University, U.K. She has been an English teacher at the High School Affiliated with Southwest University since 1998 and is the leader of the EFL teaching and researching group of the 12th grade. She was awarded the title of “Core Teacher of Chongqing City” in 2015, and the fourth place of National Outstanding English Teacher of Secondary Schools in 2017. She enjoys reading, swimming and hiking, and has a husband and a ten-year-old daughter. During her year in the U.S., she looked forward to attending cultural and social activities with the community, going on field trips and sharing her culture with students. Her primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to learn about the teaching methods, approaches and activities used in American language classrooms, and how to apply them effectively both in America and back in China. She was hosted by A.C.E. Academy for Scholars in Ridgewood, NY.
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