Lu Sulin

Lu Sulin is from ZiYang, China and received her bachelor’s degree in English Education from China West Normal School. She has been an English teacher for junior high students at ZiYang Middle School since March, 2018, after teaching junior students English in Shehong Middle school since 2010. She has won National Prizes in the "One Teacher, One class" Video Teaching Competition, provincial first place in a micro-class competition in Sichuan and first place in the Excellent Class Teaching competition in Shehong county. She enjoys calligraphy, singing, listening to music, and traveling. She has a husband and a daughter. During her year in the U.S., Ms.Lu looked forward to experiencing different kinds of traditional American festivals and activities and is excited to share her own culture and holidays with students. Her primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to gain a better understanding of how to inspire students to acquire a second language, learn how to manage a class while giving each student freedom, and learn how to administer group work more effectively. She was hosted by Alfred S. Faust School in East Rutherford, NJ.
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