Nour Jandali

Nour Jandali is presently the Arabic Language teacher at Safford Middle School. In 2007, Jandali established the Arabic Language and the Middle Eastern History classes in the Tucson Unified School District. In 2010, Ms. Jandali was awarded the FLAP grant to expand her Arabic program to Safford Middle School. In the past three years her ‘Intro to the Middle East’ class has consecutively won the state competitions in the National History Day competitions. This year, her senior students each received $15,000 from the FLAS scholarship through the Middle East Department in the University of Arizona. Ms. Jandali has attended many Startalk trainings in California. Ms. Jandali has achieved certification in international baccalaureate, secondary teaching 7-12, substitute teaching K-12, Arabic/English translation and Arabic teaching. She is the first Arabic Certified Teacher in state of Arizona. Previous to teaching, Ms. Jandali was a former trial lawyer for juveniles and civil litigation in Syria. She was the mentor teacher for Mohamed El-Dwiny from Elshahid Abo Elfadle Primary School in Atawy, Egypt in 2011-2012. She also was the mentor teacher at Cholla High School for Abdelrahman Ibrahim from Samalout New Secondary School for Girls in Etsa, Egypt in 2012-2013.
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