Passant Aly

Passant Aly is originally from Cairo, Egypt. She received her bachelor’s degree in English literature from Ain Shams University. She also earned the Fundamentals of English Language teaching certificate from the American University in Cairo. She has been an English language teacher at Summits International School since August 2016, and taught previously at Bedayia International School, American Division. She also worked for the English Language Program at STEM Schools with World Learning Organization. She is also a part-time English instructor at the American University in Cairo, School of Continuing Education. Ms. Aly's primary objectives for participating in TCLP are experiencing life in a different culture and learning new teaching methodologies. She was hosted by Anne Chestnut Middle School in Fayetteville, NC and was the alumni buddy to Mohammed Etify for the 2018-2019 year and to Amany Malek for 2019-2020.
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