Theresa Patane

Theresa Patane is originally from New York, New York. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theatrical design from Ithaca College. She worked for several years in Manhattan in the theatre world before relocating to Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied Swedish and worked as a nursery school teacher. Ms. Patane eventually settled in Los Angeles, joining the Los Angeles Unified School District's District Intern Program and earning her teaching credentials after two years. She has been a teacher at Andasol Avenue Elementary since 2001, teaching the fourth grade. Ms. Patane is currently the Gifted and Talented Education/School for Advanced Studies program coordinator at Andasol, and has also served as the United Teachers of Los Angeles Chapter chairperson and the 4th grade-level chairperson. She also serves on the School Governing Council. While living in Sweden, Ms. Patane discovered the joy of working with children, which inspired her to become a teacher years later in Los Angeles. She was the mentor teacher to Huang Yongqian from Chengdu, China.
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