Zhou Ying

Zhou Ying is from Yingkou, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Shenyang Teacher’s College. She received her Master of Arts Degree in English Education from Bohai University in 2007. Ms. Zhou has been teaching English at Yingkou No.2 Senior High School (2,200 students and 150 teachers) since 1998. During her years of teaching, she has received training in teaching methodologies in the local Teaching and Research Center. She is married with a young son, and her hobbies include martial arts and ping-pong. As a teacher with the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, she intends to help increase the study of Chinese language in schools within the United States and convey the Chinese culture to American people. She also plans to learn more about U.S. teaching methodologies and American culture and society.
Mandarin Teacher
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