Laura Shible

Laura Shible is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. She holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics with a major in foreign language teaching from the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala, Mexico. She is currently a Spanish teacher at Lewiston High School, a position she has held since 2011. Ms. Shible has also been the department head (or content leader) of the Classical and Modern Languages Department at her school since 2015. She became a teacher because of her passion for learning and teaching, her love of languages, and her desire to create bridges between people from different backgrounds and cultures. Ms. Shible has taught English as a foreign language, French, and Spanish in both Mexico and the United States since 2000. She was the mentor teacher to Yahya Ismael from Tuna El Gabal, Egypt (2016-2017) and Ahmed Badr from Beni Suef, Egypt (2017-2018).
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