Zhang Jing

Zhang Jing is from Beijing, China and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Linguistics from the Department of Foreign Languages at Dallan Maritime University. Since receiving her Master of Arts in 2005, she has been teaching English at Beijing Experimental High School (2,800 students and 280 teachers). In the past 6 years, she has participated in several training programs and workshops through the Foreign Affairs Department. Throughout her teaching career, she has actively given lectures, attended seminars, and communicated with colleagues and students with ease. She believes that additional classroom experience will help her to reach her best possible potential as a teacher. Ms. Zhang’s objectives for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program are to incorporate Chinese teaching methods in U.S. classrooms, as well as learn from U.S. teaching methods. She is looking to explore student motivation, classroom management and student assessment techniques in the United States. Ms. Zhang is an alumni buddy for the 2016-2017 year.
Chinese Teacher
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