Huang Yongqian

Huang Yongqian is originally from Chengdu, China. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Foreign Language Department of Southwest University. She has been an English teacher at Xinjin Middle-High School of Sichuan since 2008. Ms. Huang is also the leader of an English lesson preparation group and a women teachers' sports team. She often participates in different teaching contests. She also has volunteered at the International Universities Rowing Race, serving rowing team members from Sydney University, London University, Yale University, and Cambridge University from 2009 to 2015. Ms. Huang enjoys sports, dancing, singing, traveling, and making friends from different countries. Her primary objective for participating in TCLP is to help the students of China and the U.S. to communicate and know each other better. She was hosted by Andasol Avenue Elementary in Northridge, California. She was an Alumni Buddy to Wu Yan in 2017-2018.
Chinese Teacher
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