Ye Chengzhu

Ye Chengzhu is originally from Chengdu, China. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English teaching from Southwest Normal University of China. She has been a high school English teacher at Xindu No. 1 Middle School since 2002 and also has worked for the Foreign Affairs Office, where she was in charge of foreign teachers and exchange students. Ms. Ye worked for the Peace Corps in 2015 as a site manager. She loves reading and cycling in her spare time. Ms. Ye’s primary objectives for participating in TCLP are to find a sister school for her home school, to learn more about native English teaching methods to become a better teacher, and to contribute to the education in the U.S.A., like her trainees from the Peace Corps. Ms. Ye was hosted by Martin Luther King Intermediate School in Piscataway, New Jersey. She was an Alumni Buddy to Niu Xiuqing in 2017-2018.
Chinese Teacher
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