Dalia Stewart

Dalia Stewart is originally from El Salvador in Central America. She received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature from Worcester State University and her masters degree in education from Boston College. She is currently a sixth grade Two-Way Bilingual Social Studies Teacher at Walsh Middle School Framingham, a position she has held since 1998. She is currently assisting in writing the sixth grade curriculum for the history department and has been part of various after school programs for students, including "Jump Start To College", and "Latinas en Acción" for several years at Walsh Middle School. Ms. Stewart became a teacher because of two strong and influential teachers she had, her ESL teacher in high school and her literature professor in college. Ms. Stewart has taught sixth through eighth grade at Walsh Middle School for a total of 15 years. Ms. Stewart was the mentor teacher for Chen Manman from Jiangsu, China.
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