Qi Ji

Qi Ji is from Shenyang, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Shenyang University Normal College. He has been teaching English to students ages 14-16, for eight years. He is currently teaching at Shenyang Experimental School in the High School Department, which is a top 10 school in Shenyang (6,000 students and 500 teachers). In 2007, Mr. Qi participated in a Teacher Training program called TIPS from which he gained experience in teaching methodologies and became more proficient in course organizing and designing. During the past academic years, he has received several awards. Mr. Qi is married and he enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities in his spare time. His hobbies include playing badminton, photography, and traveling. While participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, he plans to provide both his U.S. and Chinese students with the chance to learn more about the language and culture of each respective nation.
Chinese Teacher
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