Kaymi Krystin Wong

Krystin Wong is originally from Walnut, California. She received her master’s degree in education from Chapman University. While in college, she studied child and adolescent development. Currently, she is teaching two first grade dual immersion classes in Walnut Elementary School, a position she has held for three years. Krystin is also part of the Walnut Valley District leadership seminar cohort. In addition, she was a mentor of the 2014-2015 exchange teacher, Yang Jing, at Walnut Elementary as well as mentor to two reading certificate candidates at the University of Irvine, California. She became a teacher at Walnut Valley Unified School because she believes in fostering and nurturing children into responsible, respectful, and problem-solving citizens. Krystin Wong has been a teacher for eight years in all. Ms. Wong was the mentor teacher for Jia Lili from Hebei, China.
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