Xie Fen

Xie Fen is from Guangdong province. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Xiangtan University. She has been teaching at Guangdong Country Garden School since 1997 where she is the PYP Coordinator and the senior teacher in the primary school. Her awards from the school include Advanced Classroom Teacher and Advanced Educator. She has also been awarded a variety of prizes in teaching competence contests. In 2013 Ms. Xie was selected to be the IB PYP workshop leader and the school’s visiting member. She is highly committed to IB education. She enjoys music, books, sports and traveling. Her goal for participating in TCLP are to explore best teaching pedagogies and classroom practices for the students. She hopes to develop long lasting ties between her home school and U.S. host school. Ms. Xie was hosted by Naselle - Grays River School in Naselle, Washington.
Mandarin Teacher
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