Sabreen Ragab Ali Kamel

Sabreen Kamel is from Alexandria, Egypt. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Education in English from the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University in 2006 . In 2009, she was awarded an advanced diploma in professional teaching from Northumbria University, United Kingdom. She also holds a special diploma in educational management and school policies from Alexandria University. Since 2009, she has taught English for primary students at Cleopatra Experimental Learning School, led the training unit at her school, and was the head of the Vision and Mission team for her school. Ms. Kamel has participated in many training programs such as “Reading Companion.” She enjoys cooking and decorating cakes. Her favorite hobbies include reading, exploring green areas and nature walks. Her goals for participating in TCLP are to make Arabic an enjoyable subject for her students and to learn more about the American culture and society. Ms. Kamel was hosted by Disney II Magnet School in Chicago, Illinois.
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