Qu Bingbing

Qu Bingbing is originally from Heilongjiang Province. She holds a bachelor's degree in English from Suzhou Railway Teachers College and a master's degree in English Education from Harbin Normal University in December 2007. Since 2001, she has taught English at Jiamusi No. 8 Middle School. She has participated in many teaching contests, where she has gained experience in current best practices in teaching software and communicative methodology. Ms. Qu lives with her husband and their child. She is interested in gymnastics, Weiqi (a Chinese board game), and stamp collecting. Her goals for participating in the TCLP program were to bring Chinese culture to U.S. classrooms and explore teaching methods, students motivation, and assessment techniques in the U.S. Ms. Qu also aimed to connect her students in America with her students in China to build a relationship between the two schools. Ms. Qu was hosted by Kolter Elementary School in Houston, Texas.
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