Min Haiwei

Min Haiwei is from Qinghai province in China. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Qinghai Normal University and is pursuing his master’s degree in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. Mr. Min teaches English at Hualong No.1 Primary School. He has participated in many teacher trainings, where he has learned about teaching methodologies and skills. Mr. Min enjoys Chinese calligraphy, seal cutting, paper cutting, playing Guzheng, and practicing Tai Chi. His primary objectives for participating in the TCLP program are to improve his English, learn more about U.S. teaching methodologies, and to understand more about U.S. cultures and U.S. society. Mr. Min hopes to share his experiences and knowledge gained in the U.S. with his Chinese students and colleagues. He believes that this will expand both American and Chinese students' horizons and promote appreciation and understanding of international cultures. Mr. Min was hosted by West Side Elementary School in Cumberland, Maryland.
Mandarin Teacher
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