Jiang Wei

Jiang Wei is from Anhui province. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Anhui University. Since 2002, she has taught English at Yu Ying Middle School. In 2010, she was awarded "The Backbone Teacher” award by Hefei Education Bureau which enabled her to become a leader who models effective practices, mentors novice teachers, and conducts inquiry into classroom teaching and learning. Ms. Jiang collaborates and forms partnerships with other education professionals to help develop her community with the goal of improving teaching and learning techniques. Ms. Jiang lives with her family and is interested in photography, sports and traveling. Her goals for participating in TCLP are to help American and Chinese students develop an appreciation for both countries’ vibrant cultures and history and to gain a different perspective for looking at the world. Ms. Jiang was hosted by Central High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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