Edward Foley

Ed Foley is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He received his B.A. in Latin from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and his M.A. in Classics from Boston College. He is currently teaching Latin at Arlington High School, a position he has held since 2010. He is also advisor to the Latin Club and coach to the High School Quiz Show team. He became a teacher in order to share his love of foreign languages and cultures, and has now been teaching for 15 years. Ed has spent 5 weeks in Quebec, Canada, learning French and a month in Ireland learning Irish. He has also traveled to Great Britain, Italy, and Peru as a tourist. This year he plans to travel to Spain. Ed is unmarried but lives with his long-time girlfriend. They have no kids or pets but lots of plants. Ed is very interested in literature and foreign cultures and loves to learn new languages. He is also an amateur musician and plays (poorly, he confesses) both guitar and piano. In his spare time he enjoys reading, walking, and going to the movies. He has received the Classics Department Book Award from University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is the mentor teacher for Xu Qiang from Mianyang, China.
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