Ilhem Chebout

Ms. Chebout is originally from Annaba City, Algeria. She received her first Masters degree in Food Technologies from l'Institut National d' Agronomie d'El-Harrach of Algeriers, Algeria. She received her second Master of Science in Education from Metropolitan College of New York. She is currently a teacher of Arabic as a foreign language, a position she has held since 2009. She is also an ESL instructor who works with small groups, and has been a member of the School Leadership Team for the last two years. She became a teacher to help students who are struggling in difficult schools in New York City, and has now been teaching for five years in all. Ms. Chebout was a reporter in Algiers, Algeria from 1991 to 1995. Ms. Chebout is married with two daughters and loves reading and traveling.

She was the mentor teacher for Ahmed Mohamed from Fayoum, Egypt.
Mentor Teacher
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