Fang Yang

Ms. Fang is from Mianyang, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sichuan Normal University. In 2003, she completed her postgraduate coursework in Curriculum and Teaching Theory at Sichuan Teachers College (Nanchong, Sichuan Province). She has been teaching English for 26 years and has been teaching senior high students English at Mianyang Nanshan Senior High School since 2001. Getting all of her students involved, as well as sparking their interest in learning foreign languages is part of her teaching philosophy. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, bowling, traveling and singing. Her purpose for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to bring Chinese culture to the U.S. and to help the students improve their level of Chinese. She also wants to learn American teaching methodologies and about American culture and society. Ms. Fang was hosted by Rufus King International School (1,900 students and 150 teachers) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (pop. 600,000).
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