Khaled Kenawy

Khaled Qenawy is from Alexandria and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Alexandria University. He has been teaching English for the last seven years at the Mamdouh Salem Secondary School (400 students and 114 teachers), and his teaching experience also includes four years of English teaching in Saudi Arabia. His numerous certifications and awards include three teaching certifications from the University of Cambridge, as well as successful participation in both an EFL Teacher Training Initiative at Georgia State University and an Advanced Student-Centered Learning Study Tour at the University of Pittsbugh. He is experienced in designing and leading extracurricular activities, and he is also committed to using technology and authentic materials in the foreign language classroom. Also he was chosen as a teacher trainer for primary stage teachers.He is a regular participant in English teachers' conferences. Khaled is considered one of the most prominent teachers of English in Alexandria his home city.

He was hosted by Madison East High School in Madison, Wisconsin.
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