Khalil Nasr

Mr. Nasr holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the Department of Arts at Mansoura University. He received his General Diploma in Education for Teaching English and a vocational Diploma in Education Technology from Alexandria University. He has been teaching English at Ismai’l El Habrouk Experimental Language School in Damanhour. He attended a Methodology course at Delaware University in 2000. He has participated as a trainer, trainee, and coordinator in a number of workshops, conferences and training programs conducted by the Ministry of Education. He is married and has three children. He enjoys swimming, playing football, chess, and ping pong. His main objective for participating in Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to excite American students’ interest in the Arabic language by applying interesting teaching techniques and various activities to address different learning styles, talents, motivations and individual differences as well as building everlasting ties between the American and the Egyptian people. Mr. Nasr was hosted by Hellgate High School (1,293 students and 85 teachers) in Missoula, Montana (pop. 60,000).
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