Xiao Chunzhi

Xiao Chunzhi is from Wuhai, China. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and is working towards her master's degree in Chinese language and literature. Ms. Xiao has been teaching English for 20 years and is currently teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th graders at a Junior Middle School in Wuhai (1,800 students and 158 teachers). Ms. Xiao is the leader of her school’s English teaching and research group and is in charge of the group’s study, meeting, and research work. She won the first prize in “The Most Excellent Classes” competition in Wuhai City in 2000 and the “Teaching Expert” title in 2005. In 2007, she was awarded the “Outstanding Teacher” title. Her experience working with international students and teachers includes her interpretation and facilitation of a forty-day training of Chinese teachers of English provided by the Amity Foundation in 2005.

She was hosted by Yarmouth High School in Yarmouth, Maine.
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