Bishoy Demian

Bishoy Demian is from Tanta and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Faculty of Arts at Tanta University. He is currently working towards his M.A. Degree in Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English from the Faculty of Education at Tanta University. He has been teaching English at the Al-Salaam Private Language School (3,000 students and 120 teachers) since 2003. Between 2005 and 2006 Mr. Demian participated in a Teacher Training workshop organized by AMIDEAST / Cairo where he developed experience with current best practices in classroom management, student motivation, critical thinking, communicative language, and the teaching of writing. Mr. Demian has experience working with international students and teachers. He was hosted by Burlington Notre Dame High School in Burlington, Iowa. Mr. Demian is the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leader for the Egypt 2009-2010 group.
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