Zhang Juncheng

Mr. Zhang is from Changchun, China and holds a Bachelor's of Linguistics degree in English from Northeast Normal University. He is currently studying for his International Chinese Master’s Degree at Northeast Normal University. He has taught English at No. 2 Subsidiary Primary School of the Northeast Normal University, Changchun, since 2004. As one of the more dynamic English teachers at school, he often has opportunities to join demonstration lessons and competitions, where he has won many prizes for his teaching plans and research papers. Mr. Zhang enjoys singing and cooking. Mr. Zhang’s main reason for joining the Teachers of Critical Languages Program was his long-term dream of teaching in a foreign country and helping people learn about China and Chinese culture. While in the U.S., he wants to expand his current methods of teaching Chinese to his students. Mr. Zhang was hosted by Roosevelt Elementary School (466 students and 27 teachers) in Kenosha, Wisconsin (pop. 99,218)
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