Abdel Magid Hussein

Abdel–Magid Hussein is from Itay Elbaroud and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alexandria. He has been teaching at the Lotfy Alosta Secondary School for girls (1,500 students and 100 teachers) since 2004. Abdel-Magid has an Advanced Diploma in Teacher practice from Northumbria University (2008) and an ICDL Certificate from the Egyptian Ministry of Education (2009). In 2002, he took a Standard-Based Communicative Reflective Methodology Course supervised by IELP that provided him with invaluable insight on teaching. To qualify for the scholarship to the United Kingdom, Abdel passed both the TOEFL and IELTS exams. He was chosen for the program due to his excellent teaching reviews throughout his then ten-years of teaching experience. Mr. Hussein’s experience working with Western students includes his role as an assistant teacher in the United Kingdom.

He was hosted by Lincoln Park High School in Chicago, Illinois.
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