Xu Jia

Xu Jia is from Hangzhou and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Huazhong Normal University. She has taught English at Hangzhou Foreign Languages School (3,000 students and 324 teachers) since 2004. She has been designated as an excellent tutor for her performance in an art show and competition held by the Chinese Ministries of Education and Culture. In 2009, her essay “Adopting Pedagogical Content Knowledge in English Teaching” won First Prize as an “Excellent Lesson Study Case.” She is also a co-author of Reading Comprehension Exercise, published in 2010. Ms. Xu has experience working with international teachers and students, having taught Chinese to teachers from the U.S., Britain, Australia and Sweden. Her interests include traveling, animals, music and movies. Her goals for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program were to bring Chinese language and culture to U.S. classrooms and to explore activity-based teaching approaches, American foreign language teaching methods, and U.S. culture and society.

Ms. Jia was hosted by Scott Highlands Middle School during the 2010-2011 academic year.
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