Zhu Qingpeng

Zhu Qingpeng holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Foreign Language Department at Jiangxi Normal University. He has taught English since 2002 at Nanchang Foreign Language School (3,460 students and 218 teachers). In 2009, Mr. Zhu participated in a teacher training program called “5P Training,” where he gained experience with current best practices in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. Mr. Zhu is married, and his hobbies include playing badminton and Chinese chess. His goals for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program were to bring innovative Chinese teaching methods to U.S. classrooms; to learn more about U.S. methodologies, culture and society; and to improve his English language proficiency.

Mr. Qingpeng was hosted by Mountain Range High School during the 2010-2011 academic year. Mr. Qingpeng is the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leader for the China 2010-2011 group.
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