Wang Liuqing wins Welcome to the U.S. Photo Contest
This photo always reminds me of my confidence in overcoming difficulties: yes, I can make it!

Colorado is a state of fitness. People here love sports so much and I am totally overwhelmed by people's attitude and actions about different exercises. Right after I settled down, I started to run every day and cycle every weekend in order to keep myself energetic and enthusiastic about work and life in Colorado.The photo was taken on the top of Bear Creek Hill in Denver on a Saturday. That was my first non-stop cycling up the hill for 3 hours. It was very hard because I was riding a regular bike and I never had riding experience. But it was an exciting challenge I wanted to overcome, just like my application for TCLP and my present job here now. Finally, my strong will and perseverance paid my off. When I reached the top of the hill, I was shocked by the amazing view of nature and couldn't help jumping into the sky. I wanted to fly, I wanted to fly higher and higher with my efforts. It did strengthen my confidence in making all my dreams come true.