As school years across the U.S. come to an end, TCLP would like to congratulate the 2022-2023 cohort of exchange teachers on a successful year!

While it is sad to say goodbye, we also know how excited you are to return to your family and friends in your home country. As alumni, please continue to share your achievements with TCLP.

The 2022-2023 cohort had an immense impact within their host schools and host communities. More than 1,100 students had the opportunity to learn Arabic or Mandarin but additionally had the opportunity to increase their cross-cultural understanding through in and out of classroom interactions with exchange teachers. Expanding their impact beyond just the classroom, the cohort conducted nearly 700 hours of community outreach, benefiting both students and the community at large. Lastly, the exchange teachers themselves took part in more than 2,100 hours of professional development, equipping them with a greater understanding and depth of knowledge regarding the American education system, to be shared with their home schools and communities!

Here are just a few of the great things that host schools, students, and parents, have said about their exchange teachers this year:

"Our teacher regularly reaches 130 students through their language and culture classes within the school. Through outreach activities, they have worked with both adult and teenage community members and has helped connect the school community with the Islamic Center." - Host School

"Our teacher was a highly qualified and exceptionally creative individual, who invested themselves in the growth and development of our Mandarin Chinese Dual Immersion Program, its' students, faculty and school community. They have proven to be a tremendous asset to the school and its' faculty." - Host School

"My children have benefitted greatly from the Exchange Teacher's instruction. Learning not just another language, but about the culture, customs and tradition of people who speak that language is helping them be better citizens of the world. I really hope funding continues to be available for this type of instruction!" - Parent

"My child always tells me about what they learned in class. He has begun talking with a local restaurant owner in her native language. Learning about another culture has been great for him. Thank you for picking our school!" - Parent

"My teacher was very enthusiastic about teaching their culture and language to other kids with different nationalities and cultures. I'd like to further my education in Arabic and keep taking this class!" - Student

"Taking an Arabic class with a teacher from Egypt impacted my thoughts and general viewpoint on the Arabic language. I now know that there are different dialects of the language and that not every word I learn here can be applicable everywhere (in the Arab world)." - Student