TCLP Alumna Sabreen Kamel and her students preparing a presentation at the upcoming 2023 National Adolescents Forum.
TCLP alumni have achieved great professional success this year.

On February 27, 2023, TCLP alumna Eman Bekheet, hosted at the International High School of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) from 2013-2014, accepted her award for her climate change lesson plan at the British Council award ceremony in Cairo, Egypt. She is one of 20 teacher educators awarded for their exemplary lesson plans as part of the Climate Action in Language Education Competition. Ms. Bekheet has been an active participant of the British Council’s Teach. Engage. Aspire. (TEA) program that is in partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar Al Sharif. Of those awarded, Ms. Bekheet is the only TCLP alumna. She is also the only winner from Alexandria, Egypt. For her plan, she designed engaging classroom activities to raise learners’ awareness toward environmental issues and climate change.  

TCLP alumnus Abdelrahman Dawoud, hosted at Baltimore International Academy (Baltimore, MD) from 2018-2019, was awarded a Critical Language Project (CLP) grant to fund his proposed project titled “Teacher PD Day ‘Climate Change Integration.’” The awarded funds will be used to hold a professional development day for teachers in July 2023. The workshop will be dedicated to exploring how to integrate the topic of climate change into curriculums in Sadat City, Egypt. In addition to addressing climate change awareness and learning about applicable classroom language and student-centered activities, attendees will also hear about grants and programs funded by the U.S. Department of State from a U.S. Embassy Cairo representative. Mr. Dawoud will implement this project with the assistance of TCLP alumna Sabrin Abdelgawwad, hosted at Lewiston High School (Lewiston, ME), from 2018-2019, and a training manager from his home school-- El Sadat STEM School.

In February 2023, TCLP alumnus Anas ElNahriry, hosted at J.W. Reason Elementary School (Hilliard, OH), from 2017-2018, was highlighted in the Egypt-U.S. Alumni Council News Magazine for his presentation at the 27th Annual NileTESOL Conference on January 24, 2023. Mr. ElNahriry presented a session titled “Tokkatsu: Special Activities for Student Engagement, Collaboration, Interaction and Creativity” that examined the Japanese holistic education model. The Egypt-U.S. Alumni Council organizes and promotes alumni community engagements and professional development opportunities for alumni of U.S. Department of State-funded programs through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.