TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders
TCLP is thrilled to announce the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders

Each year, TCLP is very grateful to have an amazing group of teachers working in U.S. schools, as well as TCLP alumni working in China and Egypt! This year TCLP is starting a new initiative by establishing an Alumni Cohort Leaders Group. This initiative will allow TCLP alumni to remain in contact after they return home and will encourage cooperation between alumni across the years and countries. In August, 2014, TCLP requested that program alumni for each year nominate and elect an Alumni Cohort Leader for their year and country. TCLP is very excited to share the list of the Cohort Leaders for each year for China and Egypt.

TCLP’s Alumni Cohort Leaders are:
• 2006-2007 Bofa Zhong
• 2008-2009 Emad Elrawy & Cai Yifang
• 2009-2010 Bishoy Ragheb & Sun Liang
• 2010-2011 Ez Eldin Salem & Zhu Qingpeng
• 2011-2012 Mohamed El-Dwiny & Fu Ailing
• 2012-2013 Abdelrahman Ibrahim & Sun Ling
• 2013-2014 Eman Bekheet & Chen Jinyun

These alumni leaders are helping TCLP to build a strong and active alumni and teacher community in their home countries. Some of their responsibilities include maintaining contact with the members of the TCLP year cohort within their home country, communicating regularly with TCLP staff about alumni activities, and sharing professional or personal highlights about their cohort members.
The Cohort Leaders are already doing great things! After only one month, Ez Eldin Salem, Egyptian Cohort Leader from 2010-2011, has already put together an update from his cohort year! See the full PDF here!

During the next couple of months, TCLP will put all the cohort leaders in touch with one another so they can help regional and local groups of TCLP alumni organize professional training workshops for themselves and other colleagues. If you are a TCLP Alumnus/Alumna, please make sure to reach out to your cohort leader to hear about professional development opportunities that other teachers are taking advantage of, or to reconnect with your TCLP colleagues from your year or from your area.

To stay up-to-date with TCLP alumni after they’ve returned to China and Egypt, keep checking our News page to see what alumni are working on, and to learn how their year in the USA changed their teaching styles and outlook on life.