Students Learn Arabic from TCLP Alumni, Virtually
Hanan Gawdet (2012-2013) returned to Egypt in June, but that didn’t stop her from continuing to teach her students at Southern Lehigh High School in Center Valley, Pennsylvania this school year.

Through modern technology and with the help of Blended Schools, she is able to teach students across the ocean in a school surrounded by corn fields in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania without leaving her home in Cairo, Egypt. Gawdet says that she continues to work through some of the challenges that exist with not actually being physically in the classroom, like handing in assignments and giving feedback. She now uses Google Drive, which makes it possible for students to hand in their assignments and for Ms. Gawdet to check them without ever using paper. Role play and acting out dialogues has always been a standard in Ms. Gawdet’s classroom, and she found that using Skype helps her to hear the students speak and act. She has been happily surprised to see how much progress her students are making this year, especially her first year students who are already forming dialogues within the first few weeks of school. As successful as the virtual teaching has been, Ms. Gawdet hopes that in the future she will be able to see her students in person again!