Nominate New TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders in China and Egypt
TCLP is excited to announce a new alumni initiative for alumni engagement in China and Egypt.

Would you like to see more highlights from your cohort of international TCLP alumni, or see more alumni activities organized in China and Egypt? The Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) is excited to announce a new alumni initiative for alumni engagement in China and Egypt: the TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders. We will soon be announcing new Alumni Cohort Leaders in each country, for each year of participation, who will lead their colleagues in more alumni activities and connections.
Nominate yourself or your TCLP colleagues by filling in this Survey Monkey by July 31, 2014:

This volunteer leadership position will help the TCLP staff maintain contact with the international alumni and encourage further active participation in workshop trainings, support mechanisms, and face-to-face or virtual meetings. Each alumni cohort leader will receive a special certificate acknowledging their commitment and leadership skills.
We are looking for an Alumni Cohort Leader to represent each TCLP home country and participation year, for a total of fourteen leaders. Individuals may nominate a maximum of two representatives from their cohort year and country, and may include themselves within these two nominations. The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2014 and announcements will be made in mid-August.

Benefits of serving as the Alumni Cohort Leader:
-Develop leadership skills
-Be the first to know about professional development opportunities and educational achievements within the TCLP network
-Help develop a strong and active educational community within the home country (China or Egypt)
-Receive a certificate of recognition and thanks for dedication and contribution to the TCLP goals

-Maintaining contact with the members of the TCLP year cohort within the home country
-Communicating regularly with TCLP staff about alumni activities and sharing professional or personal highlights about the leader’s cohort members. Brief written highlights with accompanying photos or videos will help promote the cohort’s coverage in TCLP and ECA newsletters and websites.
-Connecting with other cohort leaders to help regional and local groups of TCLP alumni teachers organize professional training workshops for themselves and other colleagues.
-Suggesting improvements or changes to the alumni engagement initiatives in the future.

Who will you nominate? Start here: