Cohort Leaders Virtual Roundtable - Chinese Experiences
Chinese cohort leaders share alumni group achievements and activity in a roundtable discussion led by the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) staff.

TCLP hosted their first Cohort Leader Roundtable on November 12, 2018 for Chinese and Egyptian cohort leaders. Chinese cohort leaders shared how alumni in their cohorts conduct teacher training workshops, use innovative methodologies, and establish sister school relations. Jia Lili (2015-2016 cohort leader) said that five of her cohort members led teacher training workshops, supported by the Regional English Language Office (RELO). For example, Sun Qi and Xing Yali invited RELO trainers to their schools to train teachers in new teaching methodologies. Chen Jinyun (2013-2014 cohort leader) arranged five workshops for over1,000 school staff. She also shared how Du Ganzhi--an alumna from her cohort--attended a RELO English seminar in Beijing for Chinese primary school teachers. Sun Ling (2012-2013 cohort leader) invited RELO English Language Fellows to her school to conduct reading fluency training for 50 teachers. She also serves as a teacher trainer and trains EFL teachers in a local school as requested.

Qin Xiongbin (2008-2009 cohort leader) established sister school relations between his home school and a California school. As for innovative teaching methods, Jia Lili engages her students' interest in English with project-based learning that she learned in TCLP. Alumni in Sun Ling’s cohort promote student achievement with interactive teaching methods. For instance, Tian Yuanyuan’s students won Chinese school assessment competitions, took part in overseas exchange programs, and in international competitions. Similarly, Zhang Juncheng developed the oral skills of his school’s students to attend oral competitions around China. Zhang Wenjie (2017-2018 cohort leader) uses interactive communication activities that she learned in TCLP, such as inner-outer circle and charades. She also helps her school’s foreign language teachers brainstorm lesson plans. She advised the cohort leaders to send birthday wishes, share information and resources, and create TCLP alumni reunions to make their cohorts feel like family. The roundtable closed with an invitation to the next morning’s roundtable for Arabic alumni experiences.