TCLP exchange teacher Ola Sofi presents to students at the German International School.
This year’s TCLP exchange teachers achieved a wide variety of accomplishments in their professional development.

On March 29, 2023, TCLP exchange teacher Huang Hsin-Yi, hosted at East Voyager Academy (Charlotte, NC), presented at Winston-Salem State University’s World Language Day alongside six colleagues and students. Ms. Huang and other representatives of East Voyager Academy of Charlotte performed a traditional group fan dance and spoke on the specifics of Chinese tea culture and ceremonies. Other presentations at World Language Day included a poem recital in Swahili, the singing of a popular song in Mandarin, and discussions on equality. The event was sponsored by the university's Department of World Languages and Cultures and attended by approximately 35 people.

On February 13, 2023, TCLP exchange teacher Ola Sofi, hosted at West Sylvan Middle School (Portland, OR), gave an hour-long presentation as part of the students' "How We Express Ourselves" IB unit. During the presentation, Ms. Sofi talked about her hometown and the Arabic language. She taught the 29 German International School (GIS) second-grade students simple phrases such as "Yes," "No," and "My name is" in Arabic. GIS was happy to have Ms. Sofi at their school.  

On February 14, 2023, TCLP exchange teacher Abdelkarim Hayab, hosted at Twinfield Union School (Plainfield, VT), was invited to give a presentation on Morocco at Montpelier High School in Vermont as part of a social studies class. He discussed Morocco, its geography and history, and migration issues during the presentation. About 70 students from three different classes and students and teachers from across the school attended his presentations. 

On February 25, 2023, TCLP exchange teacher Chang Jen-Yin, hosted at O B Gates Elementary (Chesterfield, VA), attended Virginia Dual Language Educators Network's (VADLEN) 4th Annual Dual Language Immersion Day in Midlothian, VA, and gave a presentation titled "Leveling Up the SOL's with DLI Mandarin Chinese (K-2)." During the presentation, Ms. Chang discussed how culture plays a role in her Elementary Chinese Dual Language Immersion Classes. During her presentation, Ms. Chang talked about using American and Chinese holidays and the arts to develop engaging content vocabulary for students. Additionally, she shared ways to enhance language learning. For example, she encourages students to use their background knowledge and to connect their learning to daily life. Ms. Chang hopes the presentation gave the audience a different perspective and insight into learning Mandarin and promoting culture.