Chinese Traditional Festival Curriculum

The capstone project of Scioto Darby Elementary School was the Chinese Traditional Festival Curriculum. There are many traditional festivals during a year. Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival are the main ones. In the curriculum, there are many interesting activities.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Host School

My project is divided into two parts: Chinese New Year Gala and Chinese New Year Food which takes place on Feb.7 and Feb 10. The Chinese New Year Gala consists of 9 performances where I include the most typical Chinese cultural elements and demonstrate students’ Chinese language skills at the same time. For the food part, I ordered authentic Chinese food in the restaurant and invite teachers and students to share the food.

Faust First Chinese Celebration

With a twist on multiple intelligences, my capstone project will allow students to contribute student-selected projects that will be showcased during Faust's First Annual Chinese Celebration. Students will be given a list of small projects they can choose from, individually or in a small group, that peaks their interests, builds on their specific intelligence and showcases Chinese Language and culture. The goal is to invite the entire school community to Chinese Celebration to participate in the event.

Curriculum for Arabic I and II

Host School

Since this is the second year for the program in my school, I decided to create a curriculum for Arabic I & II as a capstone project to help the new teacher next year to find rich and authentic resources. Along the school year I had designed this curriculum which had helped my students with scaffolding the taught materials. I will leave copies of it to the World Language Department in my school and will keep a copy with me. The topics included, cover many daily life activities and interests.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture

The project is about Chinese New Year Celebration for the students, teachers, parents, faculty and community members and guests. From a series of activities, like lectures, assemblies, cross- culture fair, and Chinese Club, the people in the community will get a basic understanding and full engagement of Chinese Culture. The idea is to spread the knowledge and understanding of Chinese Culture, history and traditionas as well as the language to the community at large in order to increase people’s interest in Chinese Culture and Language Learning.

Wu Ning's Capstone Project

My capstone project is to establish a Chinese curriculum for my host school, Ewa Makai Middle School. Since this is the first year my host school has had Mandarin Chinese classes, I felt quite challenged when I started my teaching. How I wished that I had good resources that was suitable for my teaching context. Developing a curriculum alone is never an easy job, but I do believe it will benefit further development of this course and my successor. That is why I devoted a lot of time and energy to my capstone project.