Capstone Project

Most People in the valley do not know anything about the TCLP or the Arabic class.
I had a year long plan to showcase the program and the Arabic language and culture to everyone in the valley. Accordingly, I followed a plan that included many actions and events:
First, I created collaborative classes with other teachers to raise awareness for students at my school. So, I planned different outreaches:
1- An outreach with Cosmetology teacher in which I introduced the history of cosmetics in Egypt.

Chinese Club

Host School

The capstone project is Chinese club. Anyone who is interested in can join. We will meet every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 IN Room 128.We learn about Chinese culture, celebrate Chinese festivals, do calligraphy and Chinese painting, paper cutting and mask making, read Chinese cartoons as well as learning Chinese songs and dances. I will teach how to cook Chinese dishes and celebrate the Spring festival by organizing a food party on the Spring Festival Eve.

Arab Club and Curriculum Development

Since there is a very effective and successful Arabic program in my school, I needed something new that attracts more students and give them real experiences that land them on the Arab world. I thought of the idea of creating an Arab club which is responsible for everything relates to the Arab culture. In this club we offer materials such as: books, clothes, jewelry, perfumes, pottery, accessories, paintings...etc that tell us many things about the Arabs and their lives. All of these things are with a full description and details about its history and why and how it is used.

Arabic Art Station at STEAM Family Fun Night and an Arabic Club

My capstone project is divided into two parts, I collaborated with my TCLP colleague to set up an Art Station at the STEAM Family Fun Night at my host school to introduce our program and both the Chinese and the Egyptian cultures. Families and students had fun learning about the Egyptian culture and the parents helped their kids making their own Ancient Egyptian wigs and collars, they also had the chance to have their names written in both Arabic and Chinese. Some students built a pyramid and others enjoyed taking pictures using the Pharaoh's maquette.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture

The project is about Chinese New Year Celebration for the students, teachers, parents, faculty and community members and guests. From a series of activities, like lectures, assemblies, cross- culture fair, and Chinese Club, the people in the community will get a basic understanding and full engagement of Chinese Culture. The idea is to spread the knowledge and understanding of Chinese Culture, history and traditionas as well as the language to the community at large in order to increase people’s interest in Chinese Culture and Language Learning.