Parents' Club

It is an Arabic language club for parents at my school, Baltimore International Academy. It took place on weekly basis. The aim is to teach Arabic alphabet and give some hints about culture and traditions

Here is a lesson plan of one of the sessions

Learners will be able to
- pronounce the letters ب ت ث
-read and write those letters
-identify those letters at the beginning, middle or end of a word
-learn how to introduce themselves

Chinese Local Fair

Host School

My capstone is actually my CLP, which is a Chinese local fair. I had intended to hold it in March, but we had spring festival and too many snow days in February, so we didn't have enough time to get everything ready for it. And now we are busy with every detail to make sure it will be successfully held on April 26. So far, we have taken a field trip to MIA to help as many as possible students to have a general visual idea of what Chinese culture is like. Besides, I appointed 6 students to be directors of each section of the fair.

Liu Lu's Capstone Project

My capstone project is to celebrate the Spring Festival with students in the language club. We learned the origin and customs of Spring Festival, did paper cutting “春” and practiced Chinese calligraphy. On Feb 19th, we had the Spring Festival celebration with students and parents in auditorium. They went to different tables to experience Chinese calligraphy, shuttlecock kicking, dumpling making, paper cutting and lantern riddles.