Xiangqi which can be also called Chinese chess or elephant chess, is a board game for two players. It is played on the 32 squares. The game represents a battle between two armies, The game ends when one player checkmates the other's general. Distinctive features of Xiangqi include the cannon (pao), which must jump to capture. Chinese chess needs some luck and strategies to win the game. That's the reason why it's the most popular board game in Taiwan.

Mandarin cooking club

Host School

The students in Haven elementary school who join the after-school activity(21 century) will be the

participant in the Mandarin cooking club. I would like to have some tasting activity, read the recipe

and make the cuisines, compare foods in different countries and discuss about the diversity about

different cultures and eating habit. The project will take place in my classroom on every Tuesday

from 4 to 6. Food is the fastest way to connect people together. If the students enjoy the activities

The cultures' Club


My capstone project is The Cultures’ Club. The club main objectives are to introduce the Moroccan culture besides the Middle East culture to my American host school staff and students. I will meet the interested students and club members on a regular basis so as to  share different presentations and workshops about the different aspects of Morocco’s culture and the cultures of other Middle East countries  such as Egypt , Syria , and Palestine .