The cultures' Club


My capstone project is The Cultures’ Club. The club main objectives are to introduce the Moroccan culture besides the Middle East culture to my American host school staff and students. I will meet the interested students and club members on a regular basis so as to  share different presentations and workshops about the different aspects of Morocco’s culture and the cultures of other Middle East countries  such as Egypt , Syria , and Palestine .

Sister School Project

My capstone project is to establish a sister school partnership between my host school in the US and my home school back in Egypt. The STEM school I work at back in my home country is well known by its interest in teaching languages. This relation between my students here and back there in my country is going to both open students' horizons and widen their scopes about understanding each other's cultures and different languages.

Capstone Project

Most People in the valley do not know anything about the TCLP or the Arabic class.
I had a year long plan to showcase the program and the Arabic language and culture to everyone in the valley. Accordingly, I followed a plan that included many actions and events:
First, I created collaborative classes with other teachers to raise awareness for students at my school. So, I planned different outreaches:
1- An outreach with Cosmetology teacher in which I introduced the history of cosmetics in Egypt.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Host School

My project is divided into two parts: Chinese New Year Gala and Chinese New Year Food which takes place on Feb.7 and Feb 10. The Chinese New Year Gala consists of 9 performances where I include the most typical Chinese cultural elements and demonstrate students’ Chinese language skills at the same time. For the food part, I ordered authentic Chinese food in the restaurant and invite teachers and students to share the food.

Chinese Club

Host School

The capstone project is Chinese club. Anyone who is interested in can join. We will meet every Monday after school from 2:30-3:30 IN Room 128.We learn about Chinese culture, celebrate Chinese festivals, do calligraphy and Chinese painting, paper cutting and mask making, read Chinese cartoons as well as learning Chinese songs and dances. I will teach how to cook Chinese dishes and celebrate the Spring festival by organizing a food party on the Spring Festival Eve.

Dumpling Day

January 24 is the Chinese New Year's Eve. Chinese people have the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year's Eve. It means that the old year has passed and the New Year has come. It aims to make people welcome the New Year with hope. I will invite some students, some staff and some parents to attend this activity on one day afternoon from January 21st -24th. I will teach them how to make dumplings, so that they can experience delicious food and know more about Chinese customs and culture.

Kids Arabic Club

My capstone project that I am thinking about is a Kids Arabic Club that can be held in the library targeting young children to give them interesting materials by which they can have a taste of Arabic language through songs and games and activities to make them excited and interested to study Arabic at school and it is a volunteering work that could encourage parents to bring their children and I can leave this materials for whoever is interested to continue doing this in the future.

Chinese Club

Host School

The two Chinese clubs in the two feeder middle school can really bring a lot interests to students to take Chinese. Many students who sign up for the club may take Chinese classes when they get into high school. It will increase the energy, enthusiasm and excitement around the students to take Chinese.
In the club we will do:
Celebrate Chinese holidays
Learn about Chinese culture
Learn basic Chinese language
Do Chinese art such as Calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, mask making, etc
Play Chinese games
Learn Chinese songs and dances