Ola Ahmed Abdallah Sofi

Ola Sofi is from Faiyum, Egypt. She received her first bachelor's degree in education and her second bachelor's in arts and literature from Fayoum University. Currently, she is a researcher in comparative literature. Ms. Sofi has been a teacher, the English team coordinator, and the head of the Multidisciplinary team at her school since 2020. Additionally, she has been an English and Literature teacher at WIS. She has also been awarded The Ideal Pioneer of Fayoum's West Education Administration, ranked first. Ms. Sofi enjoys swimming, reading, cycling, music, and crafts. During her year in the United States, she looks forward to exploring new places, experiencing the culture, hiking, celebrating Thanksgiving, and being a cultural ambassador. Her primary objective for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to learn more about engaging teaching methodologies and strategies, the U.S. education system and its pedagogy, and share this knowledge back home. Ms. Sofi will be hosted by West Sylvan Middle School in Portland, Oregon.
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