Liu Hai

Liu Hai (Oceanna) is from Nayong, China and received her bachelor's degree in English from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology (AKA Baotou Teachers' College). She has been an English teacher at Nayong No. 1 Middle School since 2014 and received the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults this year. In addition to being a class teacher, she has been doing work related to class management. Due to her great performance in teaching and class management, she has been awarded Excellent Teacher and Excellent Class Teacher several times in championships and competitions around the country. Outside of teaching, she enjoys singing, travelling and different outdoor activities. During her year in the United States, she is looking forward to celebrating some traditional festivals with students and experiencing different cultures. Her primary objective for participating in the Teachers of Critical Languages Program is to learn and exchange cultures to promote mutual communication. Ms. Liu will be hosted by Haven Elementary School in Savannah, GA.
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