Wang Wenzhao

Wang Wenzhao is from Xining, China and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northwest Sci-tech University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2006. Ms. Wang teaches at Xi’an Foreign Language School (XFLS) where she has been teaching English since 2011. Her hobbies include travelling and listening to music. As an exchange teacher for the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, she is looking forward to broadening her U.S. students’ and host community's understanding of China by introducing the unique culture and history of western China. In this way, she will serve as a cultural ambassador from Xi’an, and TCLP will be her Silk Road to the U.S. Meanwhile, she is eager to develop lasting ties with her host school. She was hosted by Hoover High School (1,200 students and 65 teachers) in Des Moines, Iowa (pop. 275,000).
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