Zhang Mengmeng

Zhang Mengmeng is from WeiHai, China and received her bachelor degree in English and English teaching from LuDong University. She has been an English teacher at XinYuan School since 2013 and has been named “Outstanding Young Teacher” at her school. She placed at a national teaching competition and won second place at a district teaching competition. She enjoys music, traveling, and making friends. Ms. Zhang has a fiancé and a dog. During the year in the U.S., she looked forward to celebrating some traditional American festivals, attending school activities, (such as an American football game) watching a concert, sharing Chinese cultural festivals with her students and traveling in America on holiday. Her primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to expand international perspectives of America, to learn advanced teaching ideas, and share these experiences with her Chinese colleagues. She hoped to improve her cooperation skills, adaptive capacity, and teaching abilities. She was hosted by Moos Elementary School in Chicago, IL.
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