Mahrous Nassef

Mahrous Nassef is from Beheira, Egypt and received his bachelor’s degree in teaching from the faculty of Education, Alexandria University-Damanhour Branch. He also received an advanced diploma certificate in Professional Teacher Practice from Northumbria University, England. He has been an English teacher at Omar Ibn AL Khatab Official Language School since 2010. He is a member on his school training unit, participates in the English teaching summer courses and organizes the school broadcasting. He enjoys playing football and chess and loves pets. He was excited to celebrate Thanksgiving, attend American football games, and celebrate the Egyptian Farmer's Day with American students. During his year in the U.S., Mr. Nassef looked forward to experiencing modern pedagogical techniques in American School and enhancing his English proficiency. His primary objective for participating in TCLP was to gain modern and beneficial teaching strategies in the American School, and share them in his school in Egypt. He was hosted by West High School in Knoxville, TN.
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