Xiao Fang

Xiao Fang is originally from Huangshi, China. She received her bachelor's degree in English from Huanggang Normal University. She has been an English teacher at the Third Senior High School since 2003, where she has collaborated with teachers from around the world. She placed first at the High Quality Class Competition in Huangshi in 2015 and 2017 and second at the Excellent Class Competition in Hubei Province in 2017. She enjoys swimming, badminton, dancing, yoga, and reading. Ms. Xiao also practices Chinese calligraphy and tea ceremony regularly. While in the United States, Ms. Xiao looked forward to attending a badminton game, sharing Chinese culture with her students, and learning more about American culture and society. Ms. Xiao’s primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to teach Mandarin Chinese, learn more about American teaching methodologies, and foster mutual understanding between her home and host schools with the goal of developing a sister school partnership. She was hosted by the North Warren Regional School District in Blairstown, NJ and was an alumni buddy for Lu Sulin.
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