Liu Ya

Liu Ya is originally from Mianyang, China. She received her bachelor's degree in English teaching from Southwest University. She has been an English teacher at Mianyang High School Sichuan since 2009 and has received recognition for her successes as a teacher, ranking first in a teaching skills competition held by the city in 2015 and receiving an award from the Education and Sports Bureau in 2016. She is also involved with her home school’s singing contest and has given professional development lessons to other teachers at her school. Ms. Liu enjoys music, films, and spending time with kids. During her year in the United States, Ms. Ya looked forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with an American family, attending concerts, and sharing traditional Chinese festivals and food with her students (including teaching them how to make dumplings). Her primary objectives for participating in TCLP were to promote mutual understanding, experience American culture, and improve her teaching skills. She was hosted by Buxton Center Elementary School and will also be teaching at Bonny Eagle Middle School in Buxton, ME.
Mandarin Teacher
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